Route 28 South

*From I-68 on the cross-town bridge over Cumberland, take Industrial Blvd/Airport Exit. As you merge onto Industrial Blvd., stay in the right lane.

*Take Canal Parkway Exit and continue on the Parkway until crossing the Potomac River Bridge into West Virginia.

*Canal Parkway becomes West Virginia Route 28 after crossing the bridge (Cumberland Regional Airport entrance on left after crossing the bridge).

*Continue south on Route 28 for approximately 2.5 miles to Heavener Road (Route 28 Auto Sales is located at this intersection).

Heavener Road

*After turning right onto Heavener Road, drive 0.2 miles to the top of the hill.


*Heavener Road is a paved road.

Thicket Drive

*At the top of the hill, turn left onto Thicket Drive which is an unpaved road.

*Street Sign on metal post says Thicket Drive, but there is a wooden sign on a tree that says Ridge Road.

*Various maps label this road as Old Ridgeley Road, Ridge Road, and Thicket Drive. The current correct designation for this road is Thicket Drive.

Power Lines

*Continue 0.3 miles on Thicket Drive.

*About half way along Thicket Drive, there is a 90 degree turn to the right. Then Thicket Drive passes under power lines.

*Continue on a short distance to the intersection with Sunnyside Drive.

Sunnyside Drive

*Make a sharp left turn onto Sunnyside Drive.


*Continue 0.1 miles to the divide and then keep right.

Mountain Road

* Keep right at the divide.

*This road is unmarked but appears on some maps as Mountain Road or Ridgely Road.

*From this point it is about 1.2 miles to the HighPoint Aviation Airfield on top of Knobley Mountain.

Lower Gate

*From the divide, Mountain Road makes a turn to the right and then there is a gate. This gate will be open during events, but is locked at all other times.

*This area of mountain Road has a steep bank on the right side and a steep drop-off on the left side.

*After this section, the road climbs uphill and there are "breakers" across the road for water runoff/erosion control. Drive slow and steady over these and try to avoid spinning your wheels.

Hairpin Turn

*About half way up, the road makes a very sharp left-hand turn. There is a wide relatively flat area here in case someone needs to pass going the opposite direction.

Hangar at Top

*Continue on from the hairpin turn to the crest of the hill. There is another gate at this location which will be open during events but is locked at all other times.


*Beyond this gate, continue downhill into the open field and then uphill to the HighPoint Aviation Hangar at the top of the field.

The parking/pit area for pilots is to the lower side of the hangar.

*Parking areas for visitors are located on both ends of the hangar.